Welcome to the GammaCraft Store!


GammaCraft is a 1.16.3 Java Towny server, run by an incredible staff team, and fueled by an amazing community. We have plenty of fun, custom features that we are constantly updating and improving upon to provide our community with an overall great Minecraft experience. On our store you can buy Ranks, Crate Keys, Tags, and so much more great stuff to help keep our server running. Every purchase counts, and allows us to keep doing what we are doing, thank you for your purchase and support to the server!


First thing's first. Please make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username, as that is the account the purchases will be going to. Anything and everything that you can buy are listed in the categories above.

If you bought a rank, please use !tebex:claim in our discord to claim your rank on discord. Please keep in mind that orders could take up to 15 minutes to process. If you do not receive your purchase in-game in over 15 minutes, please contact us on discord immediately by creating a support ticket. 

Refund Policy

GammaCraft does not offer refunds of any kind unless otherwise stated. Due to purchases being put towards server projects, development, advertising, etcetera, we do not provide and it is not in our best interest to provide refunds. If any issues presented themselves while making a purchase, it is best and highly suggested to create a support ticket on our discord. If any attempts are made at bypassing this policy, via chargeback, you will be permanently IP banned from the server and our store.


If anything were to go wrong during a purchase, please contact us on discord immediately by creating a support ticket. If you have any questions, or simply anything else that you might need clarification on, don't hesitate to contact us on discord. We are always here to help, and have wonderful staff dedicated to making every part of your experience at GammaCraft a great as can be.

We thank you once again very much for your purchase and support to the server!